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6 Ways Your Hotel Can Help You Pull Off a Fruitful Business Event Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa en Bur Dubai

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6 Ways Your Hotel Can Help You Pull Off a Fruitful Business Event del Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

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6 Ways Your Hotel Can Help You Pull Off a Fruitful Business Event

Marzo 27 2019
Descubre Dubai

The hotel industry is fiercely competitive. The ever-changing ideals of clients keep top hotels on their toes. It is imperative to cater to clients’ growing demands in terms of facilities, services, and other particular requirements. Therefore, hotels really take the time to think of who are bringing business in.

Among the most important clients of today’s most successful hotels are actual businesses. Companies require the different function or meeting rooms of hotels for their events. At the same time, they book bedrooms to house event participants.

However, over the years, rooms have ceased to be all that corporate clients require from hotels. For business events, hotels are expected to deliver a collection of services to ensure the success of an affair. Thus, they have event planners, in-house catering services, and different vendor partners to accurately supply what the event needs.

Reputable hotels, nowadays, easily provide the unique requirements of business events. But the best ones in the industry make their offerings stand out by directing even more attention to the quality of their provisions.

This essentially means that if you own or manage a hotel and you want to attract organisations that turn to hotels for their events, it will serve your competitive advantage to be keen on details that can elevate the quality of your service.

Doing Things Differently to Ensure Client Satisfaction

Attention to detail is certainly important in creating a great impression on clients who turn to hotels for their events. But, that is not all, you should do things differently as well. It is crucial to launch trends yourself or be the first to do something that works exceptionally well for your clients’ business events.

How, exactly, do you do this?

1. Keep your eyes and ears out for new ideas from guests.

Take cues from exchanges with guests all the time because conversations and certain behaviour can reveal so much about what they want that you may not be providing just yet. Determine how you can incorporate your clients’ ideas into your operations and observe the difference these ideas make in ensuring the satisfaction of guests.

2. Have multilingual personnel on standby.

Offering multilingual communication services, especially at the information desk, can prevent confusion and long queues, which are typical issues of big events.

Events run more smoothly when there are people who can serve as “bridges for communication.” This is a must, particularly here in Dubai, which people from different parts of the globe converge.

3. Provide the latest (and most impressive) technology for events.

If your hotel does not have the complete set of the highest-quality equipment for events, make sure you know the best providers in your area. This way, when event planners come together, you can easily suggest a reliable third-party service they can turn to.

The key here is to be ready with the best solution at all times.

4. Power up your concierge and reception services.

It is not enough that you have multilingual personnel that can assist with communication, it is crucial to work on how your hotel receives and assists event-goers as well.

Improve greetings and make sure that your concierge team can be as helpful as possible to everybody. There should not be any question about the event or the hotel’s services, and even the city (which event-goers may be interested to explore) that the concierge and other employees cannot answer.

Likewise, it may help to designate or re-train lift operators. Educate them about the hotel so they can brief guests on the different features of every floor. This is helpful for guests who want to explore the hotel a bit more during their free time and get more enjoyment out of attending the event. It is worth noting, too, that having properly trained lift operators can create a truly classy impression of your hotel.

5. Provide staff trained specifically to serve at the event.

It is always nice to have a group of hotel employees that knows everything about the event and what it requires. This way, any issues that may arise can be addressed appropriately, quickly, and efficiently with other event coordinators on hand to facilitate the activity.

Before the business event officially commences, the event organizer or emcee can inform event-goers about the best people to turn to for any concerns about the affair.

6. Create hotel packages tailored for business events.

Ease up the event-planning load of your clients by thoughtfully designing hotel offers or packages that can lower the cost of the event while also covering the majority of the services required by the event, thereby providing clients extra value for their money.

For example, we, at Arabian Courtyard, have hotel deals for our clients that include discounted rates for rooms and certain services, a buffet breakfast, free access to our various amenities, complimentary drinks throughout the day and canapes during certain hours. By taking advantage of this package, business events are not merely about long talks and brainstorming but enjoyable occasions as well.

It is All About the Experience You Deliver

The beauty of the accommodation is definitely an important factor, but it is rendered valueless for business events if it is not paired with a lovely experience through superb quality service that guarantees the orderly flow of each event and the optimum delight of event participants.

We, at the Arabian Courtyard, combine all these elements for successful business events, which is why we are among the top options for such important activities in the city of Dubai.

For more information on our special provisions for corporate gatherings or grand occasions, explore the Arabian Courtyard website, or get in touch with us directly.


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