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What to Look for When Booking a Hotel for Your Business Trip Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa en Bur Dubai

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What to Look for When Booking a Hotel for Your Business Trip del Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

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What to Look for When Booking a Hotel for Your Business Trip

Marzo 26 2019
Descubre Dubai

While many may think of it as glamorous, business travel is nothing like being on vacation all the time. In fact, most of the time, when business travelers are on the road, they don't have much time to explore the city — no matter how far they have traveled.

Instead, business travelers are there to get the job done, and their highest priority isn't getting close with the local culture, trying new foods, or shopping for souvenirs; instead, it is getting the job done.

For this reason, the hotel that they come home to each night is of the utmost importance because its quality plays a significant role in dictating how productive and awake they are to seize the day. In this case, access to amenities like quality meeting rooms in Dubai hotels can make or break your business travel experience.

If you can relate and are looking for ways to make your business travel more productive (and enjoyable), here are five important things to look for when booking a hotel for your business trip.

1. Positive (and real) reviews

Thanks to the Internet and the thousands of reviews that are left daily by hotel guests, you have the ability to learn a significant amount of information about a hotel very quickly.

Once you log on to the internet, make sure you are browsing a legitimate review site, and then start reading through the comments. Be on the lookout for common negative themes that would be a dealbreaker for you as a business traveler (such as unreliable Wi-Fi, no second lock on the door, no 24-hour check-in, etc.).

On many review sites, you can filter the reviews so that you only see reviews by other business travelers. This will help to ensure that you are reading reviews by those who have expectations similar to yours.

Additionally, if you are a female business traveler, look for reviews by other females that speak of both the safety of the hotel and the provision of female-friendly amenities.

2. Proximity to where you need to go

No matter why you are traveling, location is a crucial part of the decision process. However, when going for work, you may have different location needs than holiday travelers.

In other words, it is better to be close to your appointments and meetings than to have a room with a view that is on the other side of the city to where you need to spend your time (although if you can find one that combines the two, you are on to a winning combination!).

For this reason, make sure that you do some prior research to ensure that you are booking a room in the appropriate vicinity. Who wants to waste their precious time and money getting to a meeting? Not you!

3. Specific business amenities

Business travelers require different amenities from what your average holiday traveler would need. For starters, business travelers must be provided with the necessary tools to be productive while on the go. After all, you are in the new locale to work!

Business amenities that you should look for include free high-speed Wi-Fi (this is non-negotiable), a comfortable desk or some workstations in a communal environment, access to workspaces and conference rooms, and practical provisions (such as washkits, steamer, iron, and other things that even the most frequent travelers tend to forget).

Depending on the type of business you do, having access to hotel conference rooms and the like may be of massive importance.

4. Stellar service

All hotels should provide stellar service, but we all know that it isn't always the case. For business travelers, exceptional service is of the utmost importance because the hotel needs to feel like your home-away-from-home for a while.

Whether you are away for a night, a week, or several months at a time, you want to be sure that you are staying in a place that is friendly and welcoming, and that the staff go out of their way to provide you with personalized service.

If you are staying in a hotel for an extended period, look for one that offers social and networking activities so that you can engage with other people, both for business and social reasons.

5. Flexible dining options

The food and drink offerings that a hotel has should also be at the top of your considerations because you don't want to be continually wasting time trying to nourish yourself. For business travelers, it is essential to have dining options in the hotel, and for their hours to be flexible.

Complimentary breakfast is always a benefit because you can save a significant amount of time when you don’t have to search around for a coffee shop. Additionally, you don't want to come back from a long day of meetings only to find that the hotel restaurant closed early, and now you have to go back out for dinner. These are essential pragmatic concerns for business travelers to make.

Therefore, make sure to do research on the best hotel restaurants in Dubai (or wherever your business travel is taking you).

If your hotel has a restaurant or coffee shop, you can also plan to use these as spaces to conduct meetings.

Are you a frequent business traveler? What do you look for when choosing a hotel? Let us know what are the non-negotiables for you in the comments below!


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