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9 Insider Tips for Booking the Best Luxury Hotel Deals in Dubai Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa en Bur Dubai

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9 Insider Tips for Booking the Best Luxury Hotel Deals in Dubai del Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

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9 Insider Tips for Booking the Best Luxury Hotel Deals in Dubai

Marzo 29 2019
Descubre Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s most preferred tourist destinations because of the many unique sights and experiences it offers. People would want to personally see and witness some of the world’s best attractions and first innovations, such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, and Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. And if you are planning a visit to this city, there are plenty of things you must consider to ensure a happy, memorable Dubai experience.

In addition to knowing what places to explore and the best time to visit, finding the best place to stay should be among your priorities. No doubt, Dubai hotels are some of your best options when it comes to experiencing both luxury and the authentic Arab culture.

Most travelers hesitate to look into hotels, thinking that these are too expensive. But industry experts say that with the right tips, you can actually get the best hotel deals in Dubai without compromising your finances. Here are nine hotel booking tips you can use.

1. Ask for recommendations

If you know someone who recently visited Dubai and stayed in a hotel, ask them about their experiences. If they are satisfied with how the hotel staff cared for them throughout their stay, they will most likely recommend it to you. Otherwise, they will suggest other great alternatives and even provide you with some travel tips.

2. Search for hotels online

Doing your own hotel search is important because you’ll get an idea of how great your stay will be. While searching, don’t forgo business hotels because they also offer excellent deals, especially during off-peak season. You may get and enjoy a luxurious stay at an affordable rate.

3. Read reviews

Once you have a list of potential hotels, check out their website and read what their previous clients are saying. Make sure to sort the reviews so you can read the latest ones first. This is the best way for you to find out if the hotel is under construction or has issues that may negatively impact your stay. Also, check out their gallery so you will know exactly how the room is arranged.

In addition, perform a Google search of the hotel name because some people might have provided some feedback about their experiences outside of the hotel’s website. Whenever possible, get in touch with travelers who stayed in the hotels you are considering. This will give you a better idea of how excellent or poor the hotel’s services are. A Google search will also inform you of the hotel’s exact location and its distance in relation to tourist spots and other important establishments.

4. Deal with the hotel directly

Today, there are apps and sites that offer hotel deals. In most cases, these services add an extra charge on top of the room’s actual rate. So it would be best for you to contact the hotel directly to figure out if you really are getting discounts and if they have ongoing promotions.

Another advantage of dealing with the hotel directly is that you will be speaking with the hotel’s staff. This means that they can easily upgrade your room whenever possible instead of waiting for the travel agency to speak first with the hotel management.

Here at Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, you can get a maximum 25% discount on your stay if you book through our website. This includes free cancellation, fruit and welcome drink.

5. Bundle your flight and hotel booking

Today, some airlines partner with hotels. So if you book your flight and hotel together, you will most likely enjoy significant savings on both bookings. Often, this option also includes a ride from the airport to the hotel (and vice versa) at no (or a low) cost. This convenience can certainly help reduce your travel-related stress.

6. Sign up for travel-related loyalty programs

There are airlines offering loyalty programs to travelers. Signing up for this program is a smart move if you travel often. You can get free or discounted accommodation to luxury hotels in Dubai or anywhere in the world.

Hotels with different branches around the world offer loyalty programs as well. Signing up for a hotel guest loyalty program may reward you with free upgrades, exclusive privileges or discounts.

The same is true with the loyalty programs offered by third-party booking sites. Some offer a free one-night accommodation in a luxury hotel if you book for five nights, for instance. Others may offer you free breakfast or welcome drinks depending on the rewards points you have earned.

7. Take advantage of coupon codes

When searching for a hotel, you may not think of coupons, but there are sites that offer coupons for travelers. So spare some time to look for coupons that could give you discounts on hotel stays and/or flights in different cities, including Dubai.

8. Ask if the hotel offers promos related to special occasions

There are hotels that offer great discounts if you are celebrating any special occasion, such as your anniversary and birthday. So don’t hesitate to ask the hotel staff if they offer such. This can lead to amenity kits or upgrades that will make your stay extraordinary.

9. Check your credit card benefits

Most credit card issuers provide rewards to their clients, especially for those who travel often. This can include cash back and bonus miles or points. So make sure to check any travel-related perks you can get from your credit card and get the most out of it.

Staying in one of the luxury hotels in Dubai does not have to be expensive. Use these hotel booking tips whenever you visit any city or country so you can get the best hotel deals and enjoy a stress-free, memorable travel experience.


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